Tablature - Pillars (Drum)

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Tabbed by: Josh Wysor
Ok, this is the first drum tab I've ever done. 
I've only figured out the thing he plays on the verse 
and drum solo, but here is what I have:

The first three beats of each bar are really played
as a bass drum roll (double bass?) but I've substituted 
a snare for the first beat.

S | o------------o--------- -------------o-----------
H | -x-----x-----x-----x--- -x-----x-----x-----x-----
B | -o--o-----o-----o-----o ----o-----o--------------

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

S | o------------o---------- ------------o-----------
H | -x-----x-----x-----x---- x-----X-----x-----x-----
B | -o--o-----o-----o-----o- ---o-----o--------------

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

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